John Collick

Head of International Education Strategy for Promethean

Dr John Collick is Head of International Education Strategy for Promethean, a world leader in interactive classroom technology. Dr Collick is a graduate of Sussex University in England. He lectured in English Language and Literature, and Philosophy for ten years in Japan, working in the prestigious literature faculty of Waseda University in Tokyo, where he designed and implemented the department’s first e-learning system. In his role at Promethean he works closely with Ministries of Education to develop solutions and programmes to meet the needs of 21st Century education systems worldwide. He is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the educational and social impact of innovative technology. He is the author of several books and articles on literature, media, ICT and learning. His specific interests include personal learning strategies, neuroscience, technology, and futurology.

Título: "Cyberstudents, A.I and the future of learning"